50 Dollar Bill

Each $50 bill issued at present is Federal Reserve Notes. U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant is currently featured on the front, whilst the U.S. Capitol is featured on the reverse.
The “usual life” of a $50 bill in circulation is 55 months before it is replaced due to wear and tear according to The Bureau of Engraving and Printing . Approximately 5% of all notes printed currently are $50 bills.

Active estimates place the amount of counterfeit 50 dollar bills in circulation globally at fewer than 1 note for each 25,000 genuine 50 dollar bills in circulation, if you finish up with that exceptional counterfeit, you will lose your well-earned cash. Phoney bills cannot be handed in for authentic ones, and deliberately passing along a fake is against the law.
50 dollar bill front

50 dollar bill back

Clear-cut security characteristics assists people to confirm their U.S. currency:

  • Watermark: a dim picture, equivalent to the portrait, which is part of the bill itself and is capable to be seen from either side whilst being held up to a light source.
  • Colour-shifting ink: the number in the bottom right area on the front of the 50 dollar bill, demonstrating its currency, changes colour as soon as the 50 dollar bill is tilted.
  • Security thread: in addition observable from either side as soon as it is held up to a light source, this band of vertical plastic is implanted in the note and spells out the currency in minuscule print.

In the month of September 28, 2004, around the new border-less picture of Ulysses Grant appears a faint, stylised blue and red backdrop picture of the American Flag. A minute silver-blue star was in addition added to the bottom right of Grant’s picture. All preceding series 1996 protection characteristics were incorporated, as well as having the colour-shifting number 50 shift from copper to green. The elliptical edge and fines lines adjoining the U.S. Capitol on the back have been taken out and replaced with clouds and sky.

In 2005: U.S. Representative John Kline introduced legislation to change Grant’s picture on the $50 bill with the deceased president Ronald Reagan.